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From our shores, to the beaches of Normandy and to the sands of Hong Kong Island…

Nov-2005-073The Veteran’s Museum’s exhibition blends personal accounts, artifacts, documents and photographs, telling the stories of the brave individuals from the Magdalen Islands, who helped make victories possible.

The Veterans’ Museum houses an extensive collection of veterans' memorabilia, from uniforms and medals, to swords and equipment, used by the soldiers from the Magdalen Islands.  These unique artifacts serve as a reminder of the men and women from the Magdalen Islands who served their country.  Among the artifacts on display is the diary of William Welsh, kept while in a prisoner of war camp in Hong Kong, where he eventually died.  There are also newspaper clippings, depicting the events occurring during the war, as well as photographs of happier times, such as weddings.

The permanent exhibit gallery also holds numerous photographs of Island soliders with last names such as Aitkens, Arseneau, Arseneault, Boudreau, Bourque, Cassidy, Chenell, Clarke, Craig, Cyr, Cormier, Delaney, Deraspe, Dickson, Eloquin, Goodwin, Harvie, Josey, Keating, Leblanc, Longuepee, McLean, Poirier, Taker, Theriault, Turbide, Turnbull, Welsh and many more.

Lastly, painted on the wall is a statement held true by this museum “We Shall Remember Them”.

Located beside the Veteran’s Museum is The Memorial Park, constructed in 2000.  There are 23 cedar posts, erected in the form of a cross, to pay homage to the men from the Magdalen Islands who died during the Second World War.  It also serves as a memorial to those who served in all armed conflicts, as well as peacekeeping operations.

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