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32Isolated from the mainland, the Entry Island Museum is nestled in the center of this beautiful, little island. The Entry Island Museum is a reminder of how the Islanders lived, decades ago, when farming and fishing were the only way of life.

The museum is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Entry Island’s fading past. To some, the Island’s way of life may not have changed much over the years, but this museum, a former family home, will take you on a journey through the years of change.  In the 1820’s, Entry Island was populated by both Anglophone and Francophone settlers, but slowly transitioned into a solely English speaking community.  By the 1970’s, this little island was home to 247 people.  Today, the population of the island is only a fraction of what it was in the past, yet, still holds the heart of so many.

The Entry Island Museum, with its cozy ambience, truly offers a unique experience.  Interesting collections of farming and fishing equipment, local veteran memorabilia, house-hold objects, and stories of days gone by will keep you entertained while on your wonderful outing to Entry Island.   And not to forget, Entry Island is the home of Farmer, the famous Island horse.

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