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Since the creation of MINA (The Magdalen Island’s Network for Anglophones) in 2005, senior’s issues have been identified as one of the main priorities of the ESC (English Speaking Community). 

foster-home-party-feb.4-013In 2006, in response to the aging population, CAB (Centre d’Action Bénévole) established a service point within the English speaking community, providing transportation, friendly phone calls, visits, civic support, etc... to seniors 65+.  These services are provided by community volunteers.

CAMI (Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders) develops and implements annual programs tailored to the senior population of the ESC with financial support from various government funders. 

Past programs and activities include:

  • Seniors Building Stronger Communities: “Shining a light on the past to brighten the future” 
  • Partnering to Improve the Quality of Life for Seniors
  • Partnering to Develop a Holistic Health Program for Seniors
  • Breaking down Barriers: “Intergenerational volunteer service learning project in the community building process”

Most of these programs were developed to encourage intergenerational ties.  These ties ensure that the life experience and skills of our seniors are passed onto the younger generations, allowing youth to learn from their predecessors.  Since seniors play an active role in developing the activities and services within these programs, they can develop activities that meet their needs and interests. 

CAMI will continue to acknowledge the needs of the senior population of the ESC in the coming years, as it is imperative that seniors have access to programs and services aimed at improving their overall well-being.  

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