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According to Statistic Canada’s 2006 report, the total population of the Magdalen Islands is 13,091, with the English-speaking population making up only 6% of the total population, with 830 native speakers.  There are two predominantly English-speaking communities: Grosse-Ile and Entry Island.  The Municipality of Grosse-Ile, located on the east end of the island, holds approximately 505 English-speakers.  Entry Island, the only inhabited Island not attached to the main island, has approximately 125 residents. The remainder of the English-speaking population is scattered throughout the Island.  Out of the 830 native speakers, 645 are considered to speak English only.

The English-speaking population of the Magdalen Islands is declining.  In Grosse-Ile, from 2001 to 2006, the population decreased by -2.2% and the current age median is 40 years of age.  This is combined with the population of people under 15 years of age only representing 15% of the population.  An aging population, fewer births and youth exodus, puts the population at risk of diminishing.  On Entry Island, the decline has been more drastic, as the isolation and lack of services has inclined many families to migrate to either the main Island or to the Maritime Provinces. 

According to 2006 statistics, over half of the populations of Grosse-Ile and Entry Island do not have a high school diploma.  Though the current trend has increasingly been to obtain education, this is having a mixed effect on the English-speaking community.  Because those seeking to obtain a post-secondary education in English must leave the Islands, there is a higher risk that once gone, these people may not return, playing into the youth exodus trend.  However, if the youth leave to be educated, and then return, they can contribute to the growth and vitality of the community. 

The main industry of the English-speaking community is fishing, with over half of the population being dependent on the industry for employment.  This industry does provide the necessary employment for the community, but it again puts the population in a vulnerable position.  Other sectors in the English-speaking community include: education, services, retail services, construction, and other.



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