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Message from the President:

Katherine_GibsonAs a non-profit organization, CAMI's (Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders) entire mandate surrounds the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands and their needs. This organization was formed by community members, built from their concerns and their visions. An idea in a kitchen turned into museums and offices, programs and projects, and has ensured employment for numerous community members over the years. 2012 will mark 25 years of devotion from CAMI, 25 years that have brought an unprecedented number of cultural, health, and youth programs to our community.

Dedication is the key to the success of CAMI over the years and it is our contributions as a community that hold the framework of CAMI together. Our dedicated board members guide CAMI through the seas of challenges we face, our dedicated volunteers and staff steer CAMI through these complex challenges and our community provides the beacon of hope, that all these challenges will be overcome. As president, it is my utmost desire that I oversee a smooth journey for CAMI and that I may serve the organization and the community to the greatest of my abilities.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the accomplishments of CAMI. Together we have created an admirable, selfless organization, an organization that will continue to carry the needs of the community on its shoulders, reaching all of our goals together, for years to come.


Katherine Gibson

About the President

Originally from New Brunswick, Katherine Gibson has been an active community member since her move to the Magdalen Islands in 1983.  Mrs. Gibson graduated high school with a Business Education Diploma in 1975, then continued her education in 1997, after raising her two children, with a CEGEP diploma in Computer/Business Administration.  She was a successful, local entrepreneur, owning Kathy’s Corner Cafe, from 2005-2010, and is today, a chef at La Salicorne, a vacation resort in Grande-Entrée.  Over the years, she dedicated herself to the community in various settings, including being a board member of the Parent Teacher Association, Secretary Treasurer of Old Harry Church, and a member of the CEDEC Community Resource Team, a position she continues to hold today.  A member of CAMI during the vital years of creation, Mrs. Gibson supported their efforts and shared CAMI`s vision for the strengthning and preservation of the English-speaking community.  In 2009, she felt it was again time for her to take an active role in the safeguarding of the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands, thus she became a board member of CAMI.  This was a move that only increased her fervour for the community and their rights, and led to Mrs. Gibson greater involvement, as she became President of CAMI in 2010.

Message from the Executive Director:

Helena  The challenges we face as a minority community are complex.  Imbedded in a francophone province, on a francophone island, our population under 1000, the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands is presented with a variety of issues that are difficult to undertake.  CAMI has been working since 1987 towards the well-being of our English-speaking community and towards identifying the challenges we face.  We continue to grow in our understanding of our community and their concerns, and we will continue to work towards a strong and engaged community that will flourish, side by side with our neighbours, for generations to come.                                                                                                                                                                

At present, CAMI is working directly in the community, as well as with other regional and provincial partners, in order to meet the needs and challenges concerning the community.  Youth has specifically been targeted in our strategy, as they are the future leaders of the community.  Implementing employability and employment measures will retain the youth to the area, and increasing linguistic abilities will increase these employment opportunities, as well as open to them the Islands in its entirety.  And let us not forget the other areas CAMI has been focusing.  Tourism development in the area will contribute to the economic growth of the community.  By increasing local attractions and providing services in English and French, CAMI will increase the number of visitors contributing to the area.  In response to the aging population, providing all the necessary services required to assist the senior population has become an important objective.  Ensuring access to health and social services and transportation, as well as meeting social needs, are also key aims of CAMI.

The English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands is a community rich in history and culture.  It is my privilege to be involved, to such a degree, in its preservation and well-being.  As the Director of CAMI, I have been honoured with the role of providing services to the community and presenting their needs to the Islands, to the Region, to the Province, and finally, to the Country.  I know that in the years to come, we will continually face new hurdles, but I, and CAMI, will continually evolve and develop new strategies, building an even greater tomorrow for the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands.  

My Best Regards,

Helena Burke    

About the Executive Director

Helena Burke has been the Executive Director of CAMI since 2007.  Born and raised in Grosse-Ile, she has always been exposed to the difficulties presented to the English-speaking community, as a minority.  After her graduation from Grosse-Ile High School, Ms. Burke followed the youth exodus trend to Prince Edward Island, where she attended the University of Prince Edward Island, in Business Administration.  Her disconnection from her community left her discontented and unfulfilled.  Her bond and her dedication to her community proved stronger than her need to leave the Islands, so she opted to study Business Management at the CEGEP des Iles, a program only offered in French.  Though dedicated to completing her education, her ultimate goal was realized when she was offered the position of director at CAMI.  A past employee of CAMI, she had proven her worth to the organization by her quality of work and her devotion to the organization’s success.  Other past employments, such as Emergency Measures Coordinator for the Municipality of Grosse-Ile, showed the community her ability to direct and lead them in a time of crisis.  When the time came to elect another leader for CAMI, Ms. Burke’s commitment to her community was repaid with the most honoured position, the position to guide them in their efforts to ensure that their preservation and development persists through to a thriving future.