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Past President
Robina_GoodwinMrs. Robina (Coe) Goodwin is a retired nurse and midwife, who gave many years of service to the English-speaking population of the Magdalen Islands. A native of London, England, Mrs. Goodwin travelled to the Magdalen Islands as an outpost nurse in 1960, where she practiced nursing at the Red Cross in Grosse-Ile. After marrying a local fisherman, Mrs. Goodwin remained in Grosse-Ile where she worked under various health administrations for 37 years, usually being on call 24 hours a day.

Since her arrival, Mrs. Goodwin has been very active in the continued development of the minority English-speaking community. Being in close contact with the local population allowed her to see the need to protect and promote the unique, minority English culture on the Magdalen Islands. Because of this, Mrs. Goodwin has always played a lead role in ensuring the success of many projects and sustainable programs within the community.

Mrs. Goodwin, a founding member of CAMI, acted as treasurer during the organization's first year in 1987. She then became President, a role she kept from 1988 until 2008, and today continues to hold the role of Past-President, serving as an advisor to the present CAMI board.
In 2006, Mrs. Goodwin's dedication and service to the community was honoured with the Maria Patton award. Her vital role in the community was again recognized in 2010, when she received the Medal of Honour from the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec. Mrs. Goodwin continues to engage in enhancing community vitality in the minority, English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands, where she serves as an indispensible member of CAMI and of the community.

Ronald_GoodwinRonald Goodwin is a life-long resident of Grosse-Ile, Magdalen Islands. A career fisherman, he is the Captain of a lobster fishing outfit and fishes out of the harbour of Grosse-Ile. As a believer in community growth and continuation, Mr. Goodwin has, for many years, participated within various organizations. During his time as Municipal Councillor for the Municipality of Grosse-Ile, he worked toward ensuring the management of the municipality, thus meeting the requirements of the people of the community. His concerns towards the main industry within the English-speaking population, fishing, and its sustainability, has motivated him to participate, during different intervals of time, as a member on the Board of Directors of Cape Dauphine Fishermen's Cooperative, as a memeber of the Grosse-Ile Harbour Authority and, currently, as a board member for the Association of Inshore Fishermen. He is also a voluntary member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxilary. In recent years, he has taken a step in involving himself in another aspect of community development by becoming a board member of CAMI. Mr. Goodwin feels that contributing to community and coastal organizations in this capacity is very important and rewarding, as these organizations play a crucial role in ensuring the vitality and preservation of the local community.

Secretary Treasurer
JessicaJessica Emélie Goodwin was born March 15, 1990 and is native to Grosse-Ile. She currently holds the position of Personal Finance Advisor for the Desjardins Financial Group and is completing her Fourth year Business Administration studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. Miss Goodwin plans to continue her education in a MBA program in the upcoming years. Miss Goodwin's interest in her community has led her to contribute and volunteer in various activities. Joining the Board of Directors for CAMI has given her another outlet to support and give to the English-speaking community and has allowed her to gain experience in the management of a non-profit organization. As well, not only does Miss Goodwin represent the returning, educated youth, but she brings new skills and fresh ideas, welcomed by the board.

Director Representing Community of Entry Island
Thelma_AnnThelma Ann Feltmate must be recognized for her many years of volunteering in the English-speaking community. A resident of Entry Island, Mrs. Feltmate is very devoted to the All Saints Memorial Church, and can often be seen cleaning and repairing the church and the Minister's accommodation. Also, Mrs. Feltmate has spent many years as the Minister's and People's Warden, as Secretary Treasurer, and as a representative of the Parish Council. In addition to her involvement in the church, Mrs. Feltmate is a Chairperson of the Magdalen Islands CEDEC, a member of the Heritage Committee, and the President of the Entry Island Future Committee. Though not originally from Entry, Mrs. Feltmate has committed her efforts to strengthening the community and ensuring that all their needs are met. Being separated from the main Island, Entry Island poses an even greater challenge, but a challenge and a role Mrs. Feltmate is dedicated to undertaking.

MelodyMelody Turnbull Clarke, from East Cape, a district of the Municipality of Grosse-Ile, is currently employed as a Customer Service Representative for the National Bank of Canada. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Prince Edward Island in 2011. Having done her internship at CAMI in 2010, Miss Clarke developed an awareness of linguistic minority issues and the importance of heritage and culture in the maintenance of a community. She decided to become a member of the board of directors of CAMI in order help preserve the rights and traditions of English speaking Magdalen Islanders. She knew that as a returned youth, she could help CAMI thrive into the future. Her vision for CAMI is the continuation of preserving the English-speaking rights and traditions, as well as to engage the English community in their development, both economically and culturally.

RachelleRachelle Clark is native to Grosse-Ile, where she is currently employed as an Administrative Assistant to the Municipality of Grosse-Ile. After completing high school, Mrs. Clark went on to achieve a Tourism Studies Diploma at the CEGEP des Iles, then an Accounting Diploma from Compu College School of Business. As a student and again on the "Parents, Partners in Prevention" project and as NPI coordinator from 2004-2006, Mrs. Clark was employed by CAMI, where she developed a knowledge of the issues concerning the English-speaking population of the Magdalen Islands. Also, by participating in community groups, such as the leisure committee, A.D.A.P.T., and the school governing board, Mrs. Clark developed a passion for her community and the quest for its prosperity, a passion she has directed toward being a board member of CAMI, where she is currently fulfilling a second term.